"Getting paid for

your opinions"


About Us

The People Finders was set up in

2001 by Lisa and Tina, but has steadily and substantially grown and now employs two staff. Work is varied as is the database, with dinner ladies to directors and very young children to Octogenarians. Much time has been spent cultivating certain cultures and disabled groups, who may have different views/needs of certain products or services.

The majority of our research groups or one to one interviews go

into central London into either a viewing facility or hotel, hence

the majority of the people registered with us live within the M25.


We do on occasions carry out research in other parts of the

country and we also have a large number of hostess

homes within the M25.

  • Telephone/Internet/Online Research

  • In home research

  • Blogs


Our recruitment covers the following areas:

  • Focus Groups

  • Depth interviews

  • Usability research